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          For those like me who love to blog just about anywhere, free wifi access is heaven sent. Right now, I am waiting for my mom to finish her last minute Christmas shopping. My feet was already sore so I requested to be left behind while she take advantage of the 12 midnight closing of boutiques. No matter how difficult life may be, I take pride that we Filipinos are so optimistic, happy and generous during this season.

           You probably know that SM Malls have been offering FREE WIFI ACCESS in their establishments. With all the signs in every entrance, it can be very hard to miss. It is actually pretty good aside from the occasional disruptions. I can't be too  since the connection is probably shared by a large number of people in the area. My only problem is that it requires me to give my email address first. I guess I better tighten my spam security in my email. Other than that, I don't see any problem with it. It is a great service and innovation by SM. I hope with the onslaught of technology like mobile internet browsing, more establishments will follow suit.

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