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          Do you ever wonder how do photographers manage to make mouth-watering pictures out of ordinary burgers? They must have read the book Food Styling for Photographers written by Linda Bellingham and Jean Ann Bybee. This book includes 272 pages of tips on making an appetizing art out of your own homemade burgers, roasted chicken, and even ice cream. As we all know, presentation is sometimes the only difference between mainstream and high-end restaurants so I recommend this book for all aspiring photographers and chefs out there. An actual screenshot of the book is posted so that you'll know what to expect upon finishing the download.

FREE Download of the FULL ebook here

FREE EBOOK- The Spirit of Christmas Coookbook

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         I stumbled across this ebook and found it very useful especially this season. The Sprit of Christmas Cookbook is a compilation of 337 recipes which were tried, tested and proven to be delectable. They have a great collection of sweets and pastries that would make wonderful gifts to friends and relatives. I just wish I could have gotten hold of this book earlier. The good thing about this book is that it also contains photographs of the meal's end result. As a beginner, this feature guides me on what to expect when working on one recipe. I may not be able to make the same presentation but I guess I can make the tempting pictures as my goal and motivation to improve next time.
          After working up an appetite unveiling gifts, I bet everyone in the family will enjoy a satisfying meal so I encourage you to check it out. I have provided some screenshots as well so that you will know what to expect.

May your Holiday Season be fillled with good food and company! 

FREE Download of ebook here

FREE Movie tickets with Citibank Credit Card Promo!

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          Belonging in a middle class family, we do not always get to watch the latest movies in cinemas. Often times, we just satisfy ourselves in buying pirated dvds ( Im sorry we have lots), downloading them from torrents or waiting for it to be featured in HBO. A normal cinema ticket here in the Philippines would cost us around P150-200 (around 4$) and the cost can go as high as P300-450 for the 3D versions of the film. So we must prepare around P1,500 (around $35) if we want to watch a movie as a family. This amount is quite unbearable for those who are just earning average income.

          Thankfully, Citibank Philippines started a rewards campaign wherein you got to have 1 movie pass for every P1500 single-receipt purchase using your Citibank Credit Card. Each movie pass is worth P100 pesos  only but you can combine as many receipts you have. You must redeem your free movie tickets within 30 days after the transaction. What my mother does is that instead of paying cash for the groceries in supermarkets, she pays thru her credit card. My father also uses his credit card for gasoline expenses. This way we always have 8-12 receipts ready to be claimed every month.  Isn't that sweet? We get to pay for our basic commodities and we still get to have free movie passes. We make sure we don't get carried away with our expenses though because Citibank has a high penalty rate for delayed payments. 

          Citibank also tied up with Shell for discounts in gasoline payments, with Krispy Kreme for free half dozen of donuts and with Mercury Drugs for free medicine/grocery purchases but I think that those promos are all finished already. 

          Here in the Philippines, the Metro Manila Film Festival is coming up so for Citibank Credit Card holders there, make sure you grab this promo while it lasts! And while you're at it, you can check out the Rosario movie. (trailer here -> forgive my shameless plugging)


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          For those like me who love to blog just about anywhere, free wifi access is heaven sent. Right now, I am waiting for my mom to finish her last minute Christmas shopping. My feet was already sore so I requested to be left behind while she take advantage of the 12 midnight closing of boutiques. No matter how difficult life may be, I take pride that we Filipinos are so optimistic, happy and generous during this season.

           You probably know that SM Malls have been offering FREE WIFI ACCESS in their establishments. With all the signs in every entrance, it can be very hard to miss. It is actually pretty good aside from the occasional disruptions. I can't be too  since the connection is probably shared by a large number of people in the area. My only problem is that it requires me to give my email address first. I guess I better tighten my spam security in my email. Other than that, I don't see any problem with it. It is a great service and innovation by SM. I hope with the onslaught of technology like mobile internet browsing, more establishments will follow suit.

TBBT SO4 E10 - Alien Parasite Hypothesis (Free DL)

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Some quotable quotes from this episode:

Sheldon: No, you're the expert. If the correct way to do it is the wrong way... then I yield.
Amy: Very well. If you die and donate your body to science, I promise to slice your brain like the Canadian bacon.
Sheldon: Thank You. 

Sheldon: In difficult moments like this, I often turn to a force greater than myself.
Amy: Religion?
Sheldon: Star Trek

I normally don't like episodes with too much Amy on it but I surprisingly liked this episode. I guess I am gradually warming up to her. I better be because I heard she recently got promoted to series regular along with Bernadette.

credit CBS

FREE Download of the FULL Episode here

TBBT S4 E11 - Justice League Recombination (Free DL)

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As this is my first blog, I wanted to start with a Big Bang-literally.

          If you haven’t seen the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, you should. For me, it is the best episode of the season so far. The episode was enjoyable throughout and I felt that the comedy here was surprisingly fresh and natural. I don’t know if it’s just me but I haven’t been exactly happy with the past episodes of this season. Maybe because I don’t particularly like Amy but that is another issue to talk about. The storyline in this episode is not that geeky which made it more appealing to non-science gals like me. The addition of the character Zach made the episode even more hilarious. Penny also looked hot in that Wonder Woman costume and Rajesh is just so strangely adorable in his Aquaman ensemble. Jim Parsons as Sheldon delivered another very convincing performance. I hope the rest of the episodes for this season is as good as this one. Don’t you too?
credit CBS

 FREE Download of the FULL episode here