FREE Movie tickets with Citibank Credit Card Promo!

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          Belonging in a middle class family, we do not always get to watch the latest movies in cinemas. Often times, we just satisfy ourselves in buying pirated dvds ( Im sorry we have lots), downloading them from torrents or waiting for it to be featured in HBO. A normal cinema ticket here in the Philippines would cost us around P150-200 (around 4$) and the cost can go as high as P300-450 for the 3D versions of the film. So we must prepare around P1,500 (around $35) if we want to watch a movie as a family. This amount is quite unbearable for those who are just earning average income.

          Thankfully, Citibank Philippines started a rewards campaign wherein you got to have 1 movie pass for every P1500 single-receipt purchase using your Citibank Credit Card. Each movie pass is worth P100 pesos  only but you can combine as many receipts you have. You must redeem your free movie tickets within 30 days after the transaction. What my mother does is that instead of paying cash for the groceries in supermarkets, she pays thru her credit card. My father also uses his credit card for gasoline expenses. This way we always have 8-12 receipts ready to be claimed every month.  Isn't that sweet? We get to pay for our basic commodities and we still get to have free movie passes. We make sure we don't get carried away with our expenses though because Citibank has a high penalty rate for delayed payments. 

          Citibank also tied up with Shell for discounts in gasoline payments, with Krispy Kreme for free half dozen of donuts and with Mercury Drugs for free medicine/grocery purchases but I think that those promos are all finished already. 

          Here in the Philippines, the Metro Manila Film Festival is coming up so for Citibank Credit Card holders there, make sure you grab this promo while it lasts! And while you're at it, you can check out the Rosario movie. (trailer here -> forgive my shameless plugging)

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